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10 ways to hear from God

12 Spiritual Blessings of Fasting

10 Ways to know God for yourself

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Eight ways to receive favor from God

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How to be a Committed Christian


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Love and Relationships

Letting go of the past

12 ways to communicate better with your wife

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  • Overcoming temptation

    Overcoming temptation

    From the first moment you entered this world, there are two forces pulling you in, and wrestling for your attention. The flesh wants to dominate, control and lead you down the road to sin and destruction, the spirit pushing at your heart to lead you down the path of righteousness. But who will win? Well, …

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  • The Fear of the Lord

    The Fear of the Lord

    In the old testament the people of God were often commanded to fear the Lord, but what does this mean? Fear of the Lord is not a dread that God is someone to be scared of, but it is an appreciation for his awesomeness that allows us to look upon him with reverence and admiration. …

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  • learn how to store up your treasures in Heaven

    learn how to store up your treasures in Heaven

    Learn how to store up your treasures in heaven. Many people believe in life after death and that they will go to heaven after they die. Not many will say “I am sure I am going to hell” and mean it in the true sense of the word. Heaven is real and so is hell. Regardless of …

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