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  • honor God with your life

    We know that the heart will try to deceive us every time, and lead us to sin. The heart by itself is prone to disobedience and loves to wander away from the will of God. But you must learn how to tame the heart and honor God with your life. Your life can only find …

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  • Why does the devil attack families?

    Marriages falling apart, divorce rate increasing, and children being unruly and disobedient, are just some of the problems we face in this world. Satan’s goal is to cause confusion and chaos in our lives but why does the devil attack families? The devil wants to stop the preaching of the gospel Satan wants to destroy …

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  • Bad attitude in relationships 

    Attitude plays a crucial role in all relationships, whether in families, work, church, or marriages. Good attitudes are like gold, and bad attitudes are like weeds. The best way to deal with weeds is to attack them from the root. Attack the problem from the root. A bad attitude leads to lasting negative consequences. From the …

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